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  • Beneficial insects in the landscape: #51 Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens)
  • #hydroponic #hydroponics #greenhouse related info #ncbn #kcr #modi
  • @cindos giggles.
  • @snellyradio Second picture down, native to America, bite like a bee sting, an orb web spider. #OMGitJUMPS
  • This is a Yellow Garden Spider (picture courtesy of @JKoket ) Info:
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  • Texas Rain Bush:
  • Basic Flower Definitions #FlowerPower
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  • Having an issue with Citrus Greening? More information can be found here:
  • Hunter & I are still trying to grow Carrots. We found new information online, sharing it here!
  • @wossy It is a BENEFICIAL BUG!
  • @dacaonedaca :)
  • Retweet this if you can spot a difference on this level of #WhatsTheDifference!
  • #MaroonBluebonnets a GMO success story.
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  • @BlackTrillium Yarrow feels like a yellow to me.