The first large scale directory of the Internet. Lists sites categorized by topic and location.

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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Internet/World_Wide_Web/Searching_the_Web/Search_Engines_and_Directories/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/new/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Directories/Companies/Cultures_and_Groups/Lesbian__Gay__and_Bisexual
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/Sri_Lanka/Country_Guides
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/Armenia
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Recreation/Games/Board_Games/Chess
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/social_science/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/rss/dir/index.php URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/computers_and_internet/graphics/clip_art/index.html
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/arts/humanities/history/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Linguistics_and_Human_Languages/
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Reference/Libraries/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Education/k_12/teaching/lesson_plans/
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Education/k_12/Teaching/Lesson_Plans/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Shopping_and_Services/Publishers/Education/
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URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Business_to_Business/Financial_Services/Finance_and_Receivables/Financing/Corporate_Finance/Venture_Capital/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Design_Arts/Fashion_and_Beauty/News_and_Media/Magazines/ URL: http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Design_Arts/Fashion_and_Beauty/

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  • что такое dir yahoo com?
  • @arafalov hand-written directories as a concept have been obsoleted by search, remember for example dmoz /
  • Aborted archiving of https://t.co/qkL6reinb0
  • @YahooCare Is it possible that you deliver the content of to me? I want to import it in
  • @Yahoo, what happened to the Yahoo Directory at I know it's old but that's how I read newspapers from other cities.
  • I'm browsing and discovered Non-Written Words by Ladislav Nebeský
  • Post Edited: #web20
  • The real Yahoo: https://t.co/G8l3NqZWjw
  • @UsefulSites_ @_Talal1 في خدمة مشابهة لها من الياهو https://t.co/VCGJxvvvEd
  • (MUDs and More: Online International Communities)
  • Self-Help Books Publishers - Directory 3 #Forza https://t.co/bwFYzFOrOW
  • TBH I didn’t know Yahoo Directory was still a thing but I remember using it in Ancient Internet days and it hurts https://t.co/OkYkGDrqCH
  • @Zomdir Hij doet het weer: https://t.co/wjLIy4A3J7
  • #Yahoo-Directory wird Ende des Jahres eingestellt. Goodbye & R.I.P.
  • My dusty site has been listed on this page for about eighteen years: https://t.co/sQViUB2vVr RIP Yahoo Directory.
  • @inthefade finally, my time has come! https://t.co/SKJgENEzHd https://t.co/71ingIOsdV
  • #dir https://t.co/tOm4m1o0FW
  • 1) who knew the Yahoo! Directory was still around? 2) not for much longer https://t.co/bupo8BVWxc
  • Remember 90s, when Yahoo = The Web? https://t.co/9omFFDK3xh is going away. Not seen this many broken or AOL links since, well, 90s.
  • Every once in a while I check if Yahoo Directory is still up. End is nigh, though:
  • OH. GOD. Yahoo! Directory to be retired. https://t.co/xtGdXdaYBQ
  • unavailable in NL. By the end of the year the whole world will experience that: (via @zomdir)
  • Yahoo Directory https://t.co/GHc6rlcjpU といえば、あるカテゴリを英語でどう呼ぶのか調べる・確認するのに使っていたなあ。英語わからんので…w クラフト関連 https://t.co/rIRj1Jb6zI とかね。
  • RT @FakhriAhadi: Long before google search, there was yahoo search. And before that, there was yahoo directory. we used netscape. :) https…
  • Long before google search, there was yahoo search. And before that, there was yahoo directory. we used netscape. :) https://t.co/CzeSv3LlXP
  • Dus toch. stopt er na 20 jaar mee. Zie:
  • ২০১৪ সালের শেষ দিকে বন্ধ হয়ে যাবে 'ইয়াহু ডিরেক্টরি'। ' সাইটটিতে বিভিন্ন তথ্যের তালিকা সাজানো থাকত।
  • Has anyone done a backup of ? #lazyweb
  • Wow, Didn't know this still existed. Dir will finally cease to exist after Dec 31st #throwback
  • I think @Yahoo should continue https://t.co/SkIlhCj0Yq . Yes it feels nostalgic, but actually useful. Sometimes people just want to browse.
  • #yahoo began 20 years ago as an Internet directory. That original directory is to close on Dec '14 https://t.co/mo3wNEVdU6. I can't open it.
  • Yahoo! Directory to shut down December 31. The start of organized curated web content. https://t.co/indZ6G5mNp
  • Otro pedacito de la web viejuna que desaparece: chapan
  • este año muere el primer producto de yahoo: una minienciclopedia que usé a los doce llamada, así nomás, directorio:
  • Archiving
  • Yahoo! schliesst seine Web Directory Nehmen alle schon Abschied, weil Seite reagiert nicht https://t.co/7QYxpCgFaS
  • @uzakin まぁ参考までに日本の遊戯銃ホルスターメーカーと、お米の国のホルスターメーカーのアドレスとリンクを。 https://t.co/1bcnETYiMf
  • The original Yahoo directory is still a thing: https://t.co/hH9B2YCIKU ...until the end of the year. Re-experience history while you can.
  • If @Speculations is #2 answer under writing science fiction and fantasy, Yahoo really should close the Directory. https://t.co/PS9JvFhq1l
  • yahoo directory shutting down soon. RIP my first internet experience https://t.co/Bg9G5XK91Q
  • Yahoo! Directory - // 아직 있었군요
  • RT @Cadmaestro: @radiohero https://t.co/ZaAJ4dV6t3 you can keep trying all you want.
  • I didn't even know the Yahoo! Directory still existed! It will go away at the end of the year. #fb https://t.co/aZ19MW0HZI
  • @radiohero https://t.co/ZaAJ4dV6t3 you can keep trying all you want.
  • @cyberwar @alexhutton - has been down for days. I was trying to research something. Interesting way to retire it.
  • @dannysullivan @mattcutts I'd have thought they'd keep around for historical reasons :-)
  • RT @seb_m: The Yahoo Directory was the front door to the web when I first got online, and it's being shut down soon. https://t.co/pXEEXNU2tl
  • I had no idea the Yahoo Directory ( still existed! Take a look now, because it soon won’t:
  • Yahoo has posted on tumblr that will go away at the end of the year. Guess it got /.'d, already unavailable.
  • RT @seldo: Sad to see the end of Yahoo directory, according to which my site is one of only 53 personal blogs in the world: https://t.co/81…