Rich Skrenta and Bob Truel announce NewHoo joining Netscape and becoming the Netscape Open Directory.
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  • @daniel_rehn You can still give the Open Directory award to yourself ...
  • アフィリにどれだけ支出をしてきましたか?私はだいぶしてきましたが、これを始めてから、その支出分を2ヶ月で取り戻せました。始めるきっかけも無料で出来たので支出ゼロ!それで収入が増え始めたのです! ##allfollow #follow
  • One method for increasing your websites exposure is to add the URL to the Open Directory Project at
  • @Justhipper I'm still waiting for replies from 2002. how times change, how different DMOZ is now compared to 1999
  • website estimations and traffic net worth $1.7 Million
  • Google's directory is stolen from but Google sends out notices to webmasters warning about web directories.
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  • RT @DMOZ: Calling all roller coaster enthusiasts! Find all the virtual fun at...