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  • @ADumbFlowers @danchovy
  • My pal @mcarberry notes "mini Christian Kirksey" appearing in Madden 15 eerily predicted by this SNL SuperFans bit:
  • This:
  • @beyonddc @timkrepp Compare:
  • @bendreyfuss
  • @Doc_Lunchbox Sadly, I have never watched...However, it does remind me of this:
  • On Broadway
  • RT @DeepStorageNet: @mrdenny @venzann @jzm like this:
  • @mrdenny @venzann @jzm like this:
  • " I'm every woman - 'Cause that's how I juggle it all, Biatches"...
  • @MJMcKean
  • @holly_holl that old gag
  • @TheAmishDude
  • @iamtheotherian I think that might qualify as a 1, even. Reminds me of this
  • @Nokemy @Langdoggydog @RrowdyBeast @AMWUFFY @LadonDWolf This might be relevent