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  • so this thread went nowhere but touches on my issue of appending "=<version>" to packagename.
  • - warum tut Ubuntuforum immer so unendlich weh?
  • ubuntuforum тоже должен быть запрещен, например, за эту тему:
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  • sec=ntlm 覚えた。
  • @TwisterMc read this thread ?
  • @OsmaSuominen @datapod I also use Ubuntu 14.04. Here is how you can make it work with Chromium and/or Firefox:
  • @JuanAbasolo1 KUbuntun teklatuarekin duzun arazoari aurre egiteko lehenengo saiakera: Esango didazu
  • basically, we blame everything on you not having unity:
  • Wow, okay
  • .@drewmeader @doctorow re https://t.co/VodHVfUFwa try @ubuntuforums for just about anything under the #Linux sun
  • #bbc #linux @ubuntu @BBCiPlayer #countryfile
  • @SkyeBlueRblx I'm afraid not. There is a workaround, but it's not trivial
  • RT @spiralray: When building OpenCV with CUDA 6.5 on Jetson TK1, an error occurred in NCVPixelOperations.hpp. A solution is here.
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  • NASのHDDより、コピー先のHDDの方が(同じ2.0TB表記でも)ちょっとだけ容量が小さくて、ヘッダ情報が不正よって怒られたので、gdiskコマンドを使って恐々修復したらしい(謎)‥< >
  • @SMAOUH je dois go now, essaye ça ça va régler ton problème je pense
  • RT @wLinuxnews: HOWTO: Flash BIOS, The Ubuntu Way
  • HOWTO: Flash BIOS, The Ubuntu Way
  • on Ubuntu Linux, one should only use 'sudo' for command-line operations & 'gtsk' to give applications admin rights
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  • [Noob-Proof] How To Install #Cpuminer and #Mine #Darkcoin under Linux/Ubuntu #GetIntoTheDark
  • @kertasgraf in the end, aku ikut step kat forum ni pastu tetiba jadi
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  • @Ylissova
  • @NotRhodey It seems like this might have happened before.
  • I am browsing [Ubuntu Forums]. Have a look at it!
  • anyone playing these 2 pokemon style browser <b>mmo</b> rpg games
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  • @SquallxGamer Mine is 6,138 on I'm dannyboy over there helping new Ubuntu Linux users. ;)
  • ISO Booting with Grub 2
  • mark
  • 臥草…沒有 VT-x 或 AMD-V 就不能用 64 的模擬器……可是官方網站要找 32 的 iso 檔又要一段時間…………
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  • Top, domme apt-get actie maakt systeem kapot, ben niet de enige, en de 13 link bij zoeken geeft direct een oplossing.
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  • @tagtomat but #ffmpeg not working in the terminal so dig this instead
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  • @NiallOK What Ubuntu version? What Windows version? https://t.co/g7qU0aVFLF, & https://t.co/UAQ5PDMWNR may help.
  • 筆記
  • RT @adereth: How is this even possible? Does no one working on @Ubuntu use #emacs? Just lost 10 minutes.
  • Wait-wait--this was a "feature?" #ubuntu