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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/essays/all/526601/the-real-tributaries-of-enochandx2019s-andx2018rivers-of-bloodandx2019.thtml
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/politics/2012/june/100-years-of-enoch-powell
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/politics/2012/june/enoch-powell-as-a-parliamentarian
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/politics/all/12134/the-last-act-of-a-desperate-prime-minister-to-bring-back-the-hunting-bill.thtml
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/3674213/caroline-flints-resignation-statement.thtml
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/print/the-magazine/features/3755623/meet-the-man-who-has-exposed-the-great-climate-change-con-trick.thtml URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/the-magazine/features/5185908/it-is-the-narcissistic-middleaged-not-the-young-who-love-facebook-and-twitter.thtml URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/index.thtml URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/
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URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips/5318326/the-second-tier-of-influence-goes-under-the-bus-at-midnight.thtml

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