The letter A is the first letter in the Latin alphabet. Its name in English is a (pronounce /eɪ/), plural A's, As, as, or a's.

Trivia about a

  • The carotene in carrots supplies you with this vitamin
  • As a prefix, this single letter can mean on, in, to or without
  • It's the only letter in "piano" that corresponds to a piano key
  • It's the letter of the train Duke Ellington wants you to take
  • Musical instruments are tuned to 440 cycles per second, this note on a piano
  • This vowel appears most often in the 2-letter postal abbreviations of the 50 states
  • Next add this letter for a ballpark opened April 17, 1964
  • (Kelly of the Clue Crew puts a fist in the air.) You'll get this letter for effort by naming the letter I'm signing in American sign language
  • A vitamin found in vegetables & dairy products, it's also called retinol
  • It's Michael J. Fox' real middle initial, but he thought it sounded too Canadian
  • Of the letters in the home row , it's the only vowel
  • In Latvia, male first names usually end in "S"; female first names, usually in this vowel
  • The sixth tone in the scale of C minor
  • It was the middle initial of James Garfield & his successor, Chester Arthur
  • Precedes "priori" in a Latin phrase used in the study of logic