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American Idol is an American reality-competition show airing on Fox. It debuted on June 11, 2002, and it has since become one of the most popular shows on American television. Part of the Idol franchise, it originated from the reality program Pop Idol created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller, which was first aired in 2001 in the United Kingdom.

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Trivia about american idol

  • In 2011: country crooner Scotty McCreery
  • The votes are in: winners on this show have included Ruben Studdard & Carrie Underwood
  • Randy, Paula,Simon, Ryan &seemingly half of the country
  • Dick Cheney belting out "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" That would leave judge J-Lo's jaw hanging on this show
  • Simon said "Simply dreadful... appalling" on this show that debuted on Fox in June '02
  •'s worst movies of all time includes "From Justin to Kelly", starring 2 performers from this TV show
  • Frenchie Davis made news in 2003 by joining the cast of "Rent" after she was bounced from this TV series
  • Tamyra Gray, who placed 4th in the 1st season of this TV singing contest, later joined the cast of "Bombay Dreams"
  • "Sing for Your Life -- Top 24" &"Hollywood Week -- Final Solos"
  • Syesha Mercado did the honors on this TV show's 2008 Beatles night

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  • Kelly Clarkson appeared as an extra on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" a couple of months before auditioning for "American Idol".
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  • should I go to the American Idol auditions tomorrow or nah.? 😳 #Comment😁
  • They keep changing my fricken audition date for American Idol & now it's in the way of college. 😤😤
  • RT @FunnyVines: That one time Ryan Seacrest tried to high five a blind guy on American Idol
  • When Ryan Seacrest tried to high five a blind guy on American Idol .
  • no se los digo mas!! si quieren ser famosos hagan un casting en "american idol GUARIMBERO" aqui estamos lo que somo y somos los que estamos
  • And Shawn is only 15... he didnt go on the Xfactor, American Idol, Recording Manager... he got there because of us.
  • @lauren_alise_1 American idol here we come😂
  • I act like I'm auditioning to American idol when I'm singing in the shower
  • Also unrelated but all the American idol talk, albeit its not S1, got @thedavidcook's "always be my baby" cover stuck in my head #favorite
  • ...No one knew me, look right through me - it's a mad mad mad mad mad world... #pandora
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  • When I auditioned for American idol me & Mireya did good luck coke
  • American Idol Audition time. #vote #BeastModeRockstar
  • My mom's just sitting at the computer watching endless amounts of "funny auditions" videos from American Idol on YouTube💻
  • Welp just fell down an hour and a half long American Idol Season 1 YouTube video hole #neverforget 🙏
  • @ScottQuickel sorry but you didn't win American idol at age 16
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