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Trivia about augusta

  • Summer is the time for Whatever Week, a celebration of the Kennebec River in this state capital
  • This capital city of Maine lies on both sides of the Kennebec River
  • Dearborn, Mich. was named for Gen. Henry Dearborn & this Maine capital was probably named for his daughter
  • Capitals named for women include the capital of Maryland & this Maine capital
  • The governor's mansion in this capital city was formerly the home of James G. Blaine
  • In mid-July this Maine capital celebrates its Franco-American heritage with Le Festival de la Bastille
  • This Georgia city is the site of the Masters golf tournament
  • This Georgia city that's popular with golfers was named for the mother of George III
  • In 1797 it was incorporated as the town of Harrington; it became the capital in 1831
  • This city that lies about 125 miles from the mouth of the Savannah River is known for a certain golf course
  • Though this Maine city's state house has been remodeled, it retains its original Charles Bulfinch facade
  • Each year this Georgia city hosts the Masters golf tournament
  • Now famous for a golf tournament, it was the city where Georgia ratified the U.S. Constitution
  • While Portland is Maine's main city, this is the capital
  • For 2009-10 this Georgia golf course was rated No. 1 by golf digest
  • City that's home to the Masters Golf Tournament
  • "Georgia's Second Oldest City" & "The Golf Capital of America"
  • Amen Corner