Bratislava (Slovak pronunciation (help·info): [ˈbracɪslava], historically known by foreign an alternative names) is the capital of Slovakia, and with a population of about 427,000, the country's largest city. Bratislava is in the southwest of Slovakia on both banks of the Danube River. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two countries. It and Vienna are also two of Europe's closest national capitals, at less than 60 kilometres (37 mi) apart.

Trivia about bratislava

  • It's the capital of Slovakia
  • This Slovakian capital with "slav" in its name was occupied by the Slavs in the 8th century
  • The capital of Hungary for over 200 years, it's now the capital of Slovakia
  • With about 500,000 souls, this city is the most populous in Slovakia
  • From 1541 to 1784 this current capital of Slovakia served as the capital of Hungary
  • This Slovakian capital was widely known by the German name Pressburg until after World War I
  • This Slovak capital was also known by the German name of Pressburg

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