brooke shields


For many years, this "pretty baby" was inseparable from her manager mom Teri, an ex-model herself

Trivia about brooke shields

  • From Season 3:This "Pretty Baby" once suggested wearing red mascara, because it's "perfect for the disco"
  • After her appearance on "Friends", NBC decided to star her in a sitcom, and voila! - she's "Suddenly Susan"
  • Christopher Atkins learns about the birds & the bees on a desert island with this actress in "The Blue Lagoon"
  • This star of "Suddenly Susan" disguised herself as a man in the 1984 film "Sahara"
  • To show "Smoking Spoils Your Looks", she posed for an ad with cigarettes in her ears
  • She chronicled her journey through postpartum depression in 2005's "Down Came the Rain"
  • ...Steffi Graf
  • She was a sultry 16 when she starred in the 1981 romance "Endless Love"
  • This "Suddenly Susan" star sadly split from tennis star Andre Agassi in 1999