cameron diaz


Before "Charlie's Angels", she played the owner of the Miami Sharks in "Any Given Sunday"

Trivia about cameron diaz

  • [Hi, I'm Earl Brown] Because we look so much alike, I was cast as Warren, this actress' brother in "There's Something About Mary"
  • The comedic talent of this former model was unmasked in "The Mask" -- there's something about her...
  • She's starred in 2 "Charlie's Angels" movies & was the voice of Princess Fiona in 2 others
  • In 2006 she turned heads when she showed up at beau Justin Timberlake's CD release party as a brunette
  • She looked quite angelic as a cheerleader at Long Beach Poly years before she became a move Angel
  • The voice of Princess Fiona in "Shrek", she broke her nose while surfing in Hawaii on her August 30, 2003 birthday
  • Princess Fiona, Shrek's beloved (voice only)