chevy chase


Outstaning Writing in a Comedy-Variety or Music Special 1978 The Paul Simon Special Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in Variety or Music 1976 Saturday Night Live

Trivia about chevy chase

  • Funnyman Cornelius Chase
  • This just in to "Weekend Update" -- this "Fall Guy" was SNL's first breakout star
  • In the fall of 1976, this star of "Fletch" became one of the first cast members to leave the show
  • Sometime after Nov. 20, 1975 this "SNL" "Weekend Update" anchor reassured us that the Generalissimo "is still dead"
  • In 1993 this "SNL" alum returned to TV as a late-night talk show host, but lasted only 6 weeks
  • The man seen here shares his name with this Maryland suburb("...and you're not")
  • He's gone from jobs like tennis instructor & bartender to films like "Fletch" & "Foul Play"
  • This comic returns to Earth in the form of Benji to solve his own murder in 1980's "Oh, Heavenly Dog!"
  • "American Beauty" might've been a little different if this "Fletch" star hadn't turned down the Kevin Spacey role
  • Back in 1993 this "SNL" vet's foray into late night on Fox lasted only 29 episodes
  • He's the "SNL" guy (& you're not) who opened the 1988 show with, "Good evening Hollywood phonies"; he never hosted again
  • On "Saturday Night Live", he was, and you weren't
  • The Audubon Society maintains a wildlife sanctuary in this residential suburb of Washington, D.C.