dawson's creek


Dawson's Creek was an American primetime television rama which initially aired from January 20, 1998, to May 14, 2003, on The WB Television Network. The lead production company was Sony Pictures Television. Reruns of the show are currently seen in the US in syndication on TBS and on The N.

Trivia about dawson's creek

  • Teen actress Michelle Williams was the young alien in the film "Species" before co-starring in this WB TV series
  • "Scream Creek" parodies slasher films & teen TV shows, like this one nicknamed "The Creek"
  • James Van Der Beek & Katie Holmes play residents of Capeside on this drama filled with teen angst
  • Joshua Jackson, a star of this Massachusetts-set WB series, is a Vancouver native
  • (Hi, I'm Edwin McCain) My song "I'll Be" got a lot of play after it was featured on the May 1998 season finale of this WB TV series
  • Paula Cole wrote the theme to this new WB teen drama