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  • Pope explains definition of Church as 'People of God' : News Headlines via @sharethis
  • The definition of church is a building for public Christian worship. I often go to church everyday to go praise God and his glory.
  • Yet another ER post:
  • @theoldgreywolf Can you tell me the definition of "church"? As in-if "this" happens, its church. I get that it means over but why church?
  • @EliMAlmeida @Doc_Brown_LL that is a better definition of church I think, the body of believers in Jesus, past, present and future #bodylife
  • Go to Church!!!....Whatever Your definition of Church is go there
  • Definition of church planting: 'evangelism that results in new churches.' J. D. Payne
  • @PineyRooter @baldwheels1 @simba_83 @AtheistBigfoot Perhaps ur definition of "Church" is in that same dictionary you use to define "fascist"