Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL SEHK: 4331) is a multinational company base in Round Rock, Texas which develops, manufactures, sells, and supports personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, televisions, computer peripherals, and other technology-related products. As of 2008, Dell employed more than 95,000 people worldwide.

Trivia about dell

  • In the children's game, Heigh-Ho, The Derry-O, the farmer is here
  • A small, secluded valley that's home to a famous derry-o operator
  • This computer company founded by a man named Michael does $6 million of business online a day
  • This Round Rock, Texas computer maker was No. 28, up 3 spots from 2003
  • For 16 years this computer maker put an ad on the back page of PC Mag to promote & pioneer its direct PC sales
  • This company that sells Dimension computers now sells a GPS system for the Axim PDAs
  • It's hard to find space for my 2/3-inch-thick Adamo laptop from this company
  • Inspiron laptops
  • "Dude, you're getting" a lot of this computer company's products, judging by its $41.4 billion in FY 2004 revenues
  • The multimedia features of this Co.'s Dimension E510 let you spend all day watching videos