Disneylan may refer to the following businesses, licensees, and/or productions of The Walt Disney Company:

Trivia about disneyland

  • Dear Gary, California's a lot of fun. Today we visited this "Happiest Place on Earth" -- wish you were here!
  • The 999 ghosts at the mansion in this Anaheim landmark tell visitors “There's always room for 1 more”
  • The Skyway to Fantasyland closed down in this Calif. theme park in 1994, so now it's just a fantasy
  • In 1959 this Calif. amusement park became the first locale in the U.S. to have an operating monorail
  • Sally ride told Mission Control that being in space was like being on an "E" ticket ride at this park
  • You'd find this at 1313 S. Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, CA
  • During the Fabulous '50s, this theme park had an exhibit called the Bathroom of Tomorrow