eminent domain


Eminent omain (United States), compulsory purchase (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland), resumption/compulsory acquisition (Australia) or expropriation (South Africa and Canada) in common law legal systems is the inherent power of the state to seize a citizen's private property, expropriate property, or rights in property, without the owner's consent. The property is taken either for government use or by delegation to third parties who will devote it to "public use or civic" or in some cases, economic development. The most common uses of property taken by eminent domain are public utilities, highways, and railroads. Some states require that the government body offer to purchase the property before resorting to the use of eminent domain.

Trivia about eminent domain

  • This 2-word phrase means the power to take private property for public use; it's ok, as long as there is just compensation
  • The right of a government to take private property for public use is called this "domain"
  • 2-word phrase for the power of the federal government to take private property for public use
  • The Supreme Court ruled controversially regarding this 2-word land use term in Kelo v. New London

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