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Trivia about eve

  • She was created from a single rib
  • In Byron's Biblical drama "Cain", she's the first female character to speak
  • "The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat"
  • In Genesis she's referred to as "The Mother of All Living"
  • The night before a holiday
  • The serpent told her, "Ye shall not surely die" & "Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil"
  • It's the first palindrome name mentioned in the Bible
  • In 2002 this female rapper had her biggest hit, "Gangsta Lovin'" featuring Alicia Keys
  • This woman bears 2 children in Genesis 4
  • She's first mentioned by name in Genesis 3:20
  • In the Norse creation story, Embla is the equivalent of this biblical woman
  • In the Bible she's created from a man's rib
  • Adam could tell you this word meaning the night before
  • Her name comes from the Hebrew word for "Life"
  • It's believed all living people get their mitochondrial DNA from one African woman, known as Mitochondrial her
  • 1957: Joanne Woodward as this 3-faced woman