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Trivia about evita

  • In Act II of this musical, an election victory is announced "on the balcony of the Casa Rosada"
  • Alan Parker & Oliver Stone co-wrote the screenplay for this Madonna musical
  • Antonio sang up a storm as Che in this 1996 musical
  • "Senora Peron"
  • 1996:"Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"
  • It had an interesting casting choice, Madonna as the first lady of Argentina
  • Che Guevara mocks a funeral procession by singing "O What A Circus" in Act I of this musical
  • One critic said this musical was "about as Latin as steak & kidney pie"
  • In this 1996 film Madonna sings the line "They need to adore me -- so Christian Dior me"
  • In this Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, an actress becomes the most powerful woman in Argentina
  • Magaldi,Peron's mistress,People of Argentina
  • Madonna said, "I feel like Cinderella" at the long-awaited premiere of this musical film
  • Don't cry for Mandy Patinkin; he won a 1980 Tony Award for this musical
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber composed "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" for this Broadway show
  • "You Must Love Me"
  • "You Must Love Me"
  • "You Must Love Me"
  • This musical was the happy result of a 1974 visit to Argentina by Lloyd Webber's collaborator Tim Rice
  • Che,Eva,Peron's mistress
  • "High flying, adored, that's good to hear but unimportant... local girl makes good weds famous man"
  • "Oh, What A Circus"by Che & Company
  • Hey, "Don't Cry for Me"! I won't get the lead in this musical, but I'll be great as Juan Peron
  • Magaldi is a famous tango singer who gets involved with this title character
  • In this 1996 film Madonna went through a record 85 costume changes