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  • Can Paula Patton and Idina Menzel star in a remake of First Wives Club? 😒
  • Imma whip out a First Wives' Club quote to express my #ottfringe feels. "I hope we never change and always stay the same: tired and happy."
  • @DStv Transformers 1, Mission Impossible 2, First Wives Club!
  • The First Wives Club. What a fun film! How have I never seen it before?
  • "who do i text to tell that diane keaton is wearing the same outfit in the last scenes of father of the bride and the first wives club?"
  • She coming….join the first wives club.
  • @MyRuthann343 Diane Keaton is wonderful in everything! father of the bride, first wives club, Annie hall, something's gotta give! All great
  • Just watched First Wives' Club, it's a really great film!
  • The First Wives Club 🎥📺
  • @figandpepper @Diane_Keaton I LOVE The First Wives Club.
  • @JosephMeegar First Wives Club, The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King, Swingers
  • So, after watching The First Wives Club, I want to watch Saved By the Bell.. 😮
  • If you are female and you've never seen First Wives Club, your life is heading in the wrong direction.
  • The First Wives Club has to be my favourite movie ever! I would happily watch it repeatedly for the rest of my l...
  • My bf refused to watch First Wives Club with me. More fool him because he didn’t know Timothy Olyphant is in it
  • I may have just totally sobbed while watching First Wives Club. Happy tears. #newfavoritemovie #femalepower
  • First Wives Club:
  • Watching the First Wives Club before tonight's festivities!!
  • @witticaster First Wives Club! I should watch that again. It's one of my favorites.