Frienster is an Internet social network service. The Friendster site was founded in Mountain View, California, United States by Jonathan Abrams in March 2002 and is privately owned. Friendster is based on the Circle of Friends and Web of Friends techniques for networking individuals in virtual communities and demonstrates the small world phenomenon. It currently has over 50 million users and is mostly used in Asia .

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  • How Are You, via @GoBubblews
  • waktu itu jejaring sosial yang pertama gue masukin namanya friendster.
  • I just scored 0 in Cupcakes Vs. Veggies!
  • 一起在 @Friendster 免费玩在线游戏 #onlinegames #free via @Friendster
  • Apa situs jejaring sosial favoritmu? — :D
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  • add me on friendster pls
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  • Let's play FREE Online Games on @Friendster #onlinegames #free via @Friendster
  • #Smile #SayaSaya!
  • In case you were curious whatever happened to Friendster:
  • @gattmilstrap is still a thing?
  • RT @friendster: Cute gamer alert! Congrats to our featured player of the week, Pokoyo17 of #Drakensangfx ! Learn more about her at
  • my phone's touch screen won't work so i pretty much broke it so hit me up on here or or whatever you guys use.
  • Sometime I miss moment played Tamaguci and my account in *huhuuhuu dimana smuami berserakan they both* :'( :'(