Greenpeace, originally known as the Greenpeace Founation, is a group founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1971 to oppose the United States testing nuclear devices in Alaska. The focus of the organization later turned to other environmental issues: whaling, bottom trawling, global warming, old growth and nuclear power.

Trivia about greenpeace

  • This "colorful" & controversial activist environmental group was formed in Canada in 1971
  • In 1985 French military advisors at Auckland, New Zealand sank this group's vessel, the Rainbow Warrior
  • In 1985 its ship, the Rainbow Warrior, was sunk by French agents in New Zealand
  • On its first voyage in 1971, this group protested nuclear testing in the Aleutian Islands
  • Founded in 1971 to protest U.S. nuclear weapon testing in Alaska, it broadened its scope to the world
  • This international environmental group was formed in 1971 to oppose the U.S. testing nuclear devices in Alaska
  • In the 1990s McDonald's infiltrated & spied on this "colorful" environmental group
  • In 1986 the French govt. apologized & paid compensation for the sinking of this group's ship the Rainbow Warrior
  • The Don't Make a Wave Committee, opposed to weapons tests in Alaska, grew into this broader organization
  • This organization was founded in 1971; its efforts to save the whales gained worldwide attention

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