Hershey is an unincorporate community within Derry Township in Dauphin County in the U.S. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 14 miles east of Harrisburg. The community has no legal status as an incorporated municipality and all municipal services are provided by Derry Township. The Census Bureau has also defined a census-designated place (CDP) with the same name for statistical purposes, although the local understanding of the community may differ somewhat from the census definition. The population was 12,771 at the 2000 census.

Trivia about hershey

  • In the 1880s he developed Crystal A Caramels; a product under his own name came out in 1900
  • The section of Hwy. 422 that passes through this town is known as Chocolate Avenue
  • This company's tours became so successful in 1973 it built a simulated chocolate factory
  • Sally has 1/3 of a 5th Avenue candy bar, Eddie has 7/8 of a Mr. Goodbar; both are made by this company
  • This company makes more than 80 million kiss-shaped products every day at its chocolate factories
  • In 1886 he started his first successful business, the Lancaster Caramel Co.; the chocolate came later