Hot Wheels is a bran of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Johnny Lightning and Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.

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  • It appears that McDs is throwing it back. #tbt #hotwheels #barbie
  • no matter how old i am i still play hotwheels don't judge ahahaha
  • @Mystic5523 @ItsKaraCake ;) I'm impatient. I want all the tequila in my mouth!
  • #HOTWHEELS OB: rb BIN: - Start: Now End: 24 Agustus 2014 pkl.23.00 wsf saya
  • @claraoswiin Used to make me mad as a little girl in the 90s. Glad my parents didn't push gender norm b/s on me. I loved hotwheels & barbie.
  • @HotWheels_24 @ItsKaraCake I knew I liked you for a reason 😁
  • @couchvodkas girl I feel that to every Alt J song!
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  • @lazlothebuzz you know how to make a girl feel special ;)
  • Hot Wheels #instamoment #hotwheels #instalove #wheels
  • @effingalan @lazlothebuzz that would be awesome. I'd sign up!
  • The derby boys are skating back from Germany and will be taking Amherst by storm in just 36 hours!!! #TheBoysAreBack #HOTWHEELS #HUNGER
  • I need a vacation!
  • @ItsKaraCake I often go to the bar til I'm seated. I drink in line at BWW often while I wait ;)
  • Jual Hotwheels 62 Corvette Error - Nisma Toys | Tokopedia #Hotwheels62CorvetteError #Tokopedia
  • Ayo kita balapan lagiii.... #hotwheels @agung26finfly yogiwjy
  • im obsessed wid em myself ..hav 2buy em 4ma son everytym we go out ..#hotwheels #5carpack #rallypack
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  • @hotwheels_shop min,malmingan sm siapa? Klo ane sihh sama spector,dkk
  • @hotwheels_shop kalo yg ban karet ga boleh dibuka segelnya om sama papa.. :-D
  • happy meal kapan ini mas,bentuknya kayak mobil2 yg mendarat di bulan y RT @mghanipgkoleksi jaman mcd happy meal :))
  • wah klo yg ban karet pasti diumpetin ama papa nya, hehe RT @algibranwibowo dapet chevy dr papa aku nih om admin..
  • @BJucoski eu tenhu a pista da hotwheels e nau deixo vc brincar u.u
  • Bayangin aja udah kelas 9 pengen ngoleksi hotwheels sama lego lagi
  • Hotwheels... y vw...
  • Los hotwheels del pibe #Infancia #Autitos #Felicidad
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