joel chandler harris


"Bred en bawn in a brier-patch, Brer Fox"

Trivia about joel chandler harris

  • Woodruff Library at Atlanta's Emory University houses papers of this Uncle Remus creator
  • This author of the Uncle Remus stories also wrote "Wally Wanderoon and His Story-Telling Machine"
  • One of his last collections of tales, "Uncle Remus and the Little Boy", was published posthumously in 1910
  • The Wren's Nest, this Uncle Remus author's home, was named for a wren found nesting in his mailbox
  • "Little Mr. Thimblefinger And His Queer Country" is a children's book by this creator of Uncle Remus
  • Brer Bear is one of the animals in his "Uncle Remus" stories

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