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  • Got some left over Jose Quervo runnin through my veins from last night. #ohlordy
  • Friday 4th July - JIMMY NEVIS LIVE AT CASA BLANCA Experience the Jose Quervo #tequilaslammer shooter on Friday...
  • Bouta Throw Back A Couple Shots Of This Jose Quervo To See If I'll Be Able To Sleep
  • Just chugged Jose Quervo silver. Excuse me while die
  • “@josiekittrell: “@Bellamytho: Jose trippin 😒” Jose Quervo boiiiii” TU
  • “@Bellamytho: Jose trippin 😒” Jose Quervo boiiiii
  • @SteveTatum1 @SidneeP20 Jose Quervo stoopid
  • Patron too Jose quervo😑🙌
  • I need a bottle if Jose quervo and some bud light
  • Took two shots of Jose Quervo with my dad and I'm already drunk😂
  • #NP @ #rudeboyradio808 Jose Quervo - Bad Chic Contest (Radio)
  • HT Heineken 0 vs 0 Jose Quervo
  • Holy Jose quervo.
  • Me and my dad finished the first quart of tequila, now onto the jose quervo #beergaritas
  • Jose Quervo kinda night!
  • #HotlineRadio - Jose Quervo - Bad Chic Contest (Radio) @hmg247
  • This Josè Quervo iced tea is tha shish. #getsyaright
  • Jose Quervo n Jagermeister mix WHAT A FUCKIN COMBINATION WHOOOOOO..!!!
  • Went to devins cookout n had some Jose Quervo...idk how to spell that shyt. either way I'm feeling great. shout out to @Its_Wade!!!!!