Alceinidae Halcyonidae Cerylidae

Trivia about kingfisher

  • The "belted" type of this beauty is seen here
  • There's a 1/2-ounce African dwarf species of this colorful bird that dives into rivers to seize lunch
  • This royal bird is seen here performing the action that gives it part of its name

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  • IDBI Bank to declare Kingfisher Airlines a wilful defaulter ‘very soon’. Read more:
  • IDBI to declare Kingfisher Airlines wilful defaulter
  • Is Jet Airways going the Kingfisher way? Couple of days after pilots dozed off letting aircraft lose 5k feet, a Mum-Lon flight delayed 24hrs
  • 単独ドームのTシャツ、散々悩んで結局買わなかった。見本絵だけ見るとまぁまぁ可愛いんだけど、実物見ると色がうーん。タオルは買った。
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  • 自慢のくちばしは羽繕いには向きません。
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