Chilocorinae Cocciulinae Coccinellinae Epilachninae Scymininae Sticholotidinae etc. see list of Coccinellidae genera

Trivia about ladybug

  • Seen here, it's a helpful "feminine" predator of other bugs:
  • In spite of its name, this brightly colored beetle can be male or female
  • If this insect were to "fly away home", it might fly to Massachusetts, where it's the state insect
  • This red, black-spotted beetle, Coccinella septempunctata, is used to control aphids
  • This beetle of the family Coccinellidae lays her eggs on a leaf before flying away home, fire or no fire
  • If one of these lands on you, good luck should be coming your way, but you can still urge it to "fly away home"
  • It might want to fly away home to Massachusetts, where it's the state insect
  • Don't recognize me? I'm this beloved little beetle, still in the larval stage
  • This garden pest controller is the state insect of Delaware & Massachusetts
  • If you hold this little beetle while making a wish, she will then fly in the direction from which good luck will come