little shop of horrors


This musical made its Paris debut in 1986 as "La Petite Boutique des Horreurs"

Trivia about little shop of horrors

  • In Paris this American musical is known as "La Petite Boutique Des Horreurs"
  • Jack Nicholson played a dental patient in this film that inspired a musical about a bloodthirsty flower
  • In an ever-popular musical, Mr. Mushnik's flower shop becomes this title place
  • Chiffon,Mushnik,Audrey Two
  • On Skid Row, love blooms for Seymour while Audrey II has a feeding frenzy in this play
  • In this musical based on a Roger Corman film, no one heeds the musical warning, "Don't feed the plants!"
  • The carnivorous plant in this black comedy screams "Feed me!"
  • Much of this musical about a man-eating plant is set at Mr. Mushnik's flower shop
  • A blood-craving Audrey II "branches" out & takes over NYC in Frank Oz' ending that never was to this film
  • 1960:"No dulls the senses"
  • Several puppets of different sizes "plant" themselves onstage as Audrey II in this musical
  • Steve Martin played Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. in this 1986 remake
  • Fyvush Finkel played Mr. Mushnik the florist in this off-Broadway show about a bloodthirsty plant
  • In this play, Audrey II is described as "a cross between a Venus fly trap and an avocado"
  • This play, the 1982-83 New York Drama Critics Circle Best Musical winner, was based on a Roger Corman film
  • "Suddenly Seymour is standing beside me, he don't give me orders, he don't condescend"
  • This 1960 Jack Nicholson-Jonathan Haze movie was remade as a musical in 1986