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  • Why is it when you love someone so much, they love and seek love from others instead?
  • do not seek the world. seek peace,seek truth,seek love and seek Christ.
  • God is preparing the hearts of those who love and seek him, I am so thankful, he is making us all aware of time and place.
  • love and seek dating site: Dating site for men with beautiful russian womens
  • I feel like men love and seek attention more then women . .
  • @BenKuchera Thank you so much for this editorial. As someone with a family and a job, I dearly love (and seek out) short experiences.
  • RT @FenolPromoPlus: Refuse to let poverty, misery, stress, worry, feeling of inferiors, depression or laziness run your life. Mediate, love…
  • Return to your 1st Love and seek 1st the Kingdom of God and all His Righteousness.
  • Because this is the time of the year I love and seek the most💙
  • Is that not "masculine" to love and seek to legally protect your mate and any offspring?
  • The one common trait between any popular artist or actor or media person is that they're all narcissists. They love and seek attention.
  • RT @jesuscalls: TASTING GOD' S LOVE: Trust in God’s love and seek Him with all your heart, He will give you new life. To Read More... http:…