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Master (a man having control or authority) or Masters may refer to:

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  • When addressing an envelope to a boy age 7 or under, use this title
  • On formal correspondence, you may address a boy under 7 years old by this title
  • Abraham Lincoln said, "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a" this

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  • RT @Daemon_Black1: Deberían llevarme a Master Chef. Pero a probar la comida.
  • RT @DjokerNole: These young tennis players made me a cake - very honored to be part of the Dongfeng Peugeot Future Master.
  • @OneOfDinahJ veo master chef España, porque gordo siempre)': ¿tu?
  • RT @iNsaNiTyHilal: #الهلال أرسل خطاب للإحتراف أو لم يرسل…جالس #تمرسل والعقول الفارغه تصدقك ماعلينا المهم أرسل والا ماأرسل؟
  • RT @_keith9: Flex master
  • @richbrightman haha I was visiting my rents. I'll be lucky to get home! I can only hope to be a master CM like @schly20 someday
  • @Coolfizz10 nobody knew the master sword was in the game!
  • thou shall not speak to Master in such a manner
  • RT @vacationn_: *Me when I turn 18* Parents: Do this. Me: Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf.
  • RT @cyanparade: Cooking Master Boyband Lunch Time Value Set
  • Honestly, my Master can be so troublesome //sigh
  • 1番仲の良いランキング 1位@BOTTI_MASTER 2位@seoo_ee 3位@suzu_negi →  あなたもチェック♫
  • RT @HipHopGoldenAge: Thinkin' of a master plan ...
  • iPad #Video Lessons - Easy Way Learn Your #Apple iPad - - Master Your #iPad in 5 Min Day - Learn At Own Pace
  • @ThorsConfession All the better to ground and pound me senseless with, my dear Master.
  • RT @professorgway: Merry follow christmas. From your naughty master, Professor way.
  • I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Master Mosquiton 99 Episode 2
  • RT @nissynisssssy: 隊員の指示を無視した挙句に、隊員に食ってかかる黄緑色のジャンパー老人。 そこは、車両通路だから歩道に上がれ 怒りの晒しあげ
  • Cerdas itu #Gemini, selalu punya cara cepat buat nyelesain masalah. Dan master of PLAN. Kaya Presiden Soekarno dan Soeharto.
  • "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." -Invictus Game day! Note to self, NOT TODAY! #Animo #keepthefaith #redemption
  • Beasiswa di University of Bern SWISS, mau? :)
  • "I've done gardening, landscaping, construction, auto repair.. I'm Mexican. I'm a jack-of-all-trades, but a master at none." —coworker
  • Aphex Twin latest album has the flavour of my youth. Timeless sounds from the ambient master... #NowPlaying
  • 어서 포기해! #The_Tiny_Master_Of_Evil
  • RT @moco_1120: 続いてかみつくこうげき!
  • RT @FoodConfidentia: Seguirà il ciclo del lavoro in vigna e in cantina - è il prossimo Master #unisg #slowfood http:…
  • Master told me to wear hat since yesterday >w<
  • @Master_Coins HI MASTER
  • RT @Inspired2Share: A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.
  • @Master_P_121 かざねさんが決めよう
  • 新武器とか幻想だったので寝る(:3_ヽ)_ 何本目なんだミスリルロッド
  • nemmeno preso il pezzo di carta e già spulcio master
  • @Arif_RHaryono @7LZ belajarnya dari kak @guezaqiezs, master of blunders...
  • @amyureid それな
  • #ShameOnYouSBYudhoyono congratulation sir!! You just won two awards as the master of Anti-Democracy and the master of Disguise.
  • @Master_08xy うぽありです!
  • Master fansite daebak :')
  • RT @EffervescenceP4: Hier, c'était la rentrée des Master 2 ! Nous leur souhaitons une très belle année :)
  • Special #FF @The_Jedi_Master may the force be with you, always
  • The 1 Success Habit Every Entrepreneur M... #business #marketing |
  • @bocchi765pro こわかわいい(核心、確信
  • i'd like to say i'm incapable of sleep because's actually because i am a master procrastinator.
  • でぇあっはっはっはっは!!ファイナルファンタジーシリーズでどれが一番面白いかなどと議論し始めたら信者どもがゴリ推しをするだけのケンカに近い何かに発展してしまうことに何故気が付かぬ!!!だからお前はアホなのだぁああッッーー!!
  • タジキスタン共和国
  • RT @ypaonganan #jokowigalau <-- kayak monyet
  • The more I think about it, it feels like time is only ticking faster
  • I'm a master of hiding true emotions. 🌚
  • Under one of your orders, I am to be your pawn and your sword. So please, young master, move me into check.
  • 隣(前)の奴が雪塩ちんすこうをゆっくり食べ始め、俺のカバンの上にパラパラと・・・