The term Metamorphic can be associate with a number of meanings:

Trivia about metamorphic

  • Here's a changeup; the 3 classes of rock are igneous, sedimentary & this
  • Slate is this type of rock, the result of alterations to existing rocks
  • One of the 3 main types of rock
  • Marble, which is formed from limestone, is an example of this type of changing rock
  • As the name implies, this type of rock, like slate, has been transformed by heat & pressure deep in the Earth
  • Gneiss & chlorite are regional types of this class of rock that forms when heat & pressure cause changes
  • Of the 3 basic rock types, the type that was once one form but has changed to another due to heat & pressure
  • Since limestone undergoes changes to become marble, marble is classified as this type of rock
  • If a sculptor has lost his marble, he's lost this one of the 3 main types of rock

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