In Greek mythology, Mias or King Midas (in Greek Μίδας) is popularly remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold: the Midas touch. In alchemy, the transmutation of an object into gold is known as chrysopoeia.

Trivia about midas

  • For a while, everything he touched turned to gold, including his daughter
  • This car-repair chain founded in 1956 shares its name with a king of ancient Phrygia
  • Bacchus gave this king the "golden touch"--but after that worked out horrifically, the king decided to worship Pan
  • After this mythical king took an apple from a tree, it became like those of the Hesperides
  • The Greek god Dionysus gave this king of Phrygia the power to turn all he touched into gold
  • Inspired by classical myths, "Metamorphosis" tells of Orpheus, Alcyone & this king with the "golden touch"
  • The sands of the River Pactolus are fabled to contain gold because Dionysus once told this king to bathe there