A mustang is a feral horse living on the western or southwestern plains of the Unite States.

Trivia about mustang

  • This nickname of the World War II U.S. Air Force fighter numbered the P-51 comes from the Spanish for "stray animal"
  • Outcries by sports car fans convinced Ford to continue making this classic "pony" car
  • The name of this wild horse is from the Spanish word for a stray animal, "mesteno"
  • This car that launched the 1960s "pony car" craze was the first to win the Tiffany Award for excellence in American design
  • As a Ford exec., Lee Iacocca sired this sporty car introduced in April 1964
  • In April 1964, Ford introduced this new sporty car with a $2,368 sticker price
  • The logo seen here represents this model:(introduced by Ford in 1964)
  • "Equine" nickname of the WWII plane seen here; it wasn't built by Ford
  • Wilson Pickett:"___ Sally"
  • (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue from inside a car.) This vehicle is the only still-existing 1970 Boss 429 Lawman type of this "pony" car
  • (Rob Reiner returns.) The leads in "The Bucket List" have a high-speed race between a Dodge Challenger & a Shelby one of these Ford cars
  • In 1964, the first year of its release, this popular muscle car was the Indy 500 pace car
  • The name of this horse of the American plains comes from a Spanish word meaning "stray"
  • On the 2008 "Knight Rider", the car was changed from a Pontiac to a Shelby Cobra model of this Ford
  • Feral horse of the American plains
  • One of Texas' barrier islands, this island was named for its wild horses, not its Ford coupes