nancy drew


In books, she does her sleuthing with the help of pals Bess & George

Trivia about nancy drew

  • "Hits & Misses" is a super mystery pairing up the Hardy Boys & this girl
  • In "The Spider Sapphire Mystery" this girl detective goes on safari in Africa
  • Numbers 72, 73 & 74 in her "Files" by Carolyn Keene make up the "Passport to Romance" trilogy
  • Pamela Sue Martin, who played this sleuth, left her show when it was merged with the Hardy Boys'
  • In April 1930 the first 3 mysteries involving her were published & became an instant success
  • She started sleuthing in 1930 & in 1991 solved her 100th mystery
  • This detective was 18 when she began her career in "The Secret of the Old Clock", so she's 98 today
  • In her "Files" & "Mysteries" she solves crimes in a format for older teens; her "Notebooks" are for kids
  • A friend of the Hardy Boys, she is a teenage detective herself
  • "The Lost Files Of" this Carolyn Keene sleuth provide an interactive guide to her cases
  • This young detective didn't have a cell phone & a hybrid car when she debuted 75 years ago, but she has 'em now
  • Emma Roberts stars as this title teen sleuth, new to L.A. & trying to solve the mystery of a Hollywood actress' death