Trivia about possum

  • "To play" this marsupial means to feign death or ignorance
  • "Joy of Cooking" suggests serving this North American marsupial with turnip greens
  • If this U.S. marsupial is really dead & not just "playing", you can roast it like pork
  • The largest species of this American marsupial is the common or Virginia species
  • The yapock, a species of this marsupial, has webbed hind feet for swimming
  • If this U.S. marsupial keeps getting into my garbage, it won't just be playing dead
  • To pretend to be dead or unaware of something is to "play" this animal, seen here
  • (Hi there. I’m George Jones.) You know, early in my career, a deejay gave me this nickname because he thought I resembled a certain American marsupial
  • Practical cats know that Eliot was nicknamed after this animal because his cold manner seemed like playing dead