QuickTime is a multimeia framework developed by Apple Inc., capable of handling various formats of digital video, media clips, sound, text, animation, music, and several types of interactive panoramic images. Available for Classic Mac OS, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems, it provides essential support for software packages including iTunes, QuickTime Player (which can also serve as a helper application for web browsers to play media files that might otherwise fail to open) and Safari.

Trivia about quicktime

  • This "speedy" Mac software lets you watch movies or graphics on your PC or Mac computer
  • You can watch video on cell phones, on TV or over the Internet with this player
  • A media player, or a march rate of 120 paces per minute

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  • @QuickTime_ Non non tu dis nawak!! Bah je sais pas moi t'es normale
  • iMovie10ってこんなに使いにくいのか… 具体的に言うと、動画書き出しの設定項目が少な過ぎて使い物にならない。 取り敢えず手近な設定で書き出して、後でQuickTimeなりffmpegなりでエンコードしますかね。今日は書き出しまで。
  • iBUFFALO マイク内蔵320万画素WEBカメラ F2.2ガラスレンズ搭載モデル ブラック ... 5054円 評価 3.8 Quicktimeでもビデオ録画ができそうですよ。 2013/11/29の匿名レビュー評価 4.0 参考
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  • I'm most definitely no longer using Quicktime Player. So i need ideas
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  • @TylerCranee @JakeyySimpson ring me QuickTime 07711 079718
  • plug an iDevice into a Mac running Yosemite, it will show up as a camera in QuickTime and you can record the content onscreen.
  • Not been this excited about a Leeds game in ages, get me to ER quicktime👀
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  • [jit.qt.effect] Jitter内のQuickTimeエフェクト・アーキテクチャのラッパーとして機能します。
  • I need to get some money and get a nose and boob job quicktime
  • @j_salvo @ben_brainerd "You can export QuickTime movies in a 64-bit process for the supported codecs".
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