Rock(s) may refer to:

Trivia about rock

  • A mass of mineral matter
  • Folk, punk & hard are three types of this musical style
  • In Numbers 20, after the Israelites complained, Moses smote this object twice & water came out
  • Best "CORK" Song
  • Geologists called stratigraphers are involved with determining the earth's age & history by looking at layers of these
  • Kevin Rudolf's 2009 tour is called "Let It" this
  • I Am a ____ Lobster
  • Known for its ability to float, pumice is a porous type of this
  • The spiny lobster is also named for this object; the redback salamander lives under one
  • In a children's game, Rob Krueger won $5,000 CDN in October 2003 when his "Paper" covered this move by his opponent
  • Moses couldn't enter the promised land after striking this to produce water instead of speaking to it
  • Dome of the _____ Island Line