roller coaster


The roller coaster is a popular amusement rie developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks. LaMarcus Adna Thompson patented the first roller coaster on January 20, 1885. In essence a specialized railroad system, a roller coaster consists of a track that rises in designed patterns, sometimes with one or more inversions (such as vertical loops) that turn the rider briefly upside down. The track does not necessarily have to be a complete circuit, as shuttle roller coasters exhibit. Most roller coasters have multiple cars in which passengers sit and are restrained. An entire set of cars hooked together is called a train. Some roller coasters, notably Wild Mouse roller coasters, run with single cars.

Trivia about roller coaster

  • The High Roller, the highest of these rides in the world, careens around the top of the stratosphere
  • You have to stand up to ride Shockwave, this type of thrill ride at Kings Dominion in Virginia
  • The Silver Star in Europa Park in Germany is billed as Europe's biggest & highest steel one of these
  • One of these thrill rides careens around the New York-New York hotel in Vegas, & even goes upside-down
  • Dollywood's Mystery Mine is a steel one of these thrill rides that careens through an abandoned mine
  • Dominator, the longest "floorless" one of these in the world, opened at Kings Dominion in 2008
  • Random House defines it as "a small gravity railroad"
  • Ohio's Kings Island is the lair of "The Beast", the longest wooden one of these in the world
  • With a designed speed of 128 mph, the fastest of these rides is Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey