Roman or Romans may refer to:

Trivia about romans

  • These people gave the letter Q its present form around the first or second century
  • In the New Testament order, Paul's first epistle goes to this group, not friends or countrymen
  • Jupiter jammed as the king deity of these ancient people
  • Cupid,Bacchus,Pluto
  • Boadicea led a 1st century revolt against these foreigners whose legions occupied Britain
  • The ancient baths in Bath, England were built by these people soon after they invaded Britain
  • Caesar,Antony,Cicero, et al.
  • The single longest of Paul's epistles is addressed to these people
  • In the "Goths" episode, our heroes hand this group its worst defeat in 600 years on Aug. 9, 378
  • These people added "X" & "G" to the Etruscan alphabet & gave their name to the one we use
  • Finds at Whitehall Villa in Britain reveal that this ancient people ate dormice & really loved oysters
  • Immediately following Acts is Paul's Epistle to these people
  • These people built the Antoine Wall from the Firth of Forth to the Firth of Clyde around 142 A.D.
  • The inhabitants of the Empire didn't call themselves "Byzantines" but these imperial people