shirley temple


Shirley Jane Temple (born April 23, 1928) is an Acaemy Award-winning actress most famous for being an iconic American child actor of the 1930s, who enjoyed a notable career as a diplomat as an adult. After rising to fame at the age of six with her breakthrough performance in Bright Eyes in 1934, she starred in a series of highly successful films which won her widespread public adulation and saw her become the top grossing star at the American box-office during the height of the Depression. She went on to star in films as a young adult in the 1940s. In later life, she became a United States ambassador and diplomat.

Trivia about shirley temple

  • In 1935 this little girl starred in "Our Little Girl", "The Little Colonel" & "The Littlest Rebel"
  • Anne Edwards' biography of this former child star is called "American Princess"
  • Turned down to be an "Our Gang" member, she became top box office star of 1935
  • In the 1934 film "Bright Eyes" she belted out "On the Good Ship Lollipop"
  • In the mid-'30s there were hats, shoes, glasses, books & dolls of this 6-year-old movie star
  • This little girl played "The Little Colonel", "Little Miss Broadway" & "Little Miss Marker"
  • Her last starring film performance was in 1949's "The Story of Seabiscuit"
  • This children's "cocktail" is ginger ale & grenadine, garnished with a Maraschino cherry
  • At age 6 in 1935 she won a special Oscar for her outstanding contribution to screen entertainment
  • Hold on... ginger ale, grenadine & a cherry... there's no alcohol in this child star's drink!
  • Born in 1934, Shirley MacLaine was named after this film star born in 1928
  • The ginger ale and grenadine drink once called a pussyfoot is better known by this dimpled darling's name
  • Charles Black was dropped from the Social Register for marrying this ex-child star in 1950
  • The Danbury Mint could make a mint with its porcelain tea set adorned with pictures of this dimpled darling of the '30s
  • Made with grenadine, ginger ale & a cherry, it was named for an underage movie star
  • MGM wanted this dimpled darling to play Dorothy in "The Wizard Of Oz" but Fox wouldn't loan her out
  • In 1947's "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer", Cary Grant was the bachelor, this former child star the bobby-soxer
  • 1935's "The Little Colonel" contains the scene in which Bill Robinson tap dances up & down the stairs with her
  • Hinton Battle was tapped to play Bill "Bojangles" Robinson in the TV movie about this ultimate child star
  • In 1935 on the big screen, she was "The Little Colonel"
  • Alisan Porter was "Curly Sue" in 1991 & this child star was "Curly Top" in 1935
  • She played little Virginia Cary in 1935's "The Littlest Rebel"
  • Her mother did her hair for every movie & she always had 56 curls
  • In the '30s she starred in "The Little Princess", "The Little Colonel" & "Little Miss Marker"
  • This show biz vet was 10 when Edward Steichen shot her for the December 1, 1938 issue
  • Her 1935 honorary award made this curly-haired girl the youngest actress ever to receive an Oscar