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  • LOL.. Grantland ETHERS Transformers.. Good. Horrible movie. Worst movie i've seen in some time..
  • Check out Cherry talking bums on @TheTalk_CBS! #LetsTalkBums
  • [email protected] and I only watched Transformers for the drops
  • Blockbuster Talk: @realrobertmays and @emilyyoshida watch 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'
  • I hate ppl who trash talk America. ok if you dont want to live here, then get out. Which country would u go to tht gives u the same rights?👐
  • That's a wrap! We'll see you guys next Sunday! Be sure to tune into Golf Talk America at audio TOMORROW at 9AM EDT!⛳️
  • Overhearing Belgians trash talk America and Klinsmann. As Lee Corso would say, "not so fast my friend".
  • Good morning #Nashville! We are LIVE from WNSR with Music City Golf Talk powered by Golf Talk America! Tune in at 560AM or 95.9FM now! #Golf
  • @knwines I love it until the Brits trash talk America.
  • The Talk Video - America Comes Clean with Cottonelle -
  • Bundesliga Talk: America Dares to Dream About the World Cup #Bundesliga
  • [MLS Talk] - America Dares to Dream About the World Cup
  • Opening week Golf Talk America, thanks guys for a great week and a Big Thanks to all our guests :-)
  • It's cool that the company I intern for, @golftalkamerica, is featured on now. Check it out...
  • Bundesliga Talk: America’s Favorite National Pastime: Loving Soccer #Bundesliga
  • @GeneralDysisa I only do that because people trash talk America like 24/7