the nightmare before christmas


Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is an animate musical 1993 film produced and written by Tim Burton, directed by Henry Selick and scored by Danny Elfman. The film was based on Burton's characters and original story. It came out with the 1993 short film, The Wrong Trousers.

Trivia about the nightmare before christmas

  • This Tim Burton movie was made using stop-motion animation
  • (Hello, I'm Greg Proops) I provided several voices, including that of a harlequin dragon, for this animated Tim Burton film, a holiday classic
  • Tim Burton's spooky stop-motion animated feature from 1993
  • Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, delivers toys to kids in this Tim Burton film
  • Wrriten & produced by Tim in 1993, this stop-motion film was a wildly imaginative excursion into the macabre
  • Ho ho no! Oogie Boogie holds Santa hostage in this 1993 film, "Tim Burton's..."

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