the prince of tides


The Prince of Ties is a 1986 novel by Pat Conroy. It tells the story of the narrator's struggle to overcome the psychological damage inflicted by his dysfunctional childhood in South Carolina. In 1991, it was adapted to film by producer/director Barbra Streisand from a screenplay by Conroy and Becky Johnston.

Trivia about the prince of tides

  • When Nick Nolte won for this film, he thanked his director, Barbra Streisand -- what a "prince"
  • Barbra Streisand plays a psychiatrist in this 1991 film which she also directed & co-produced
  • Barbra Streisand directed Nick Nolte in the film adaptation of this novel
  • A Pat Conroy novel was the basis for this film, Barbra's second as a director
  • Nick Nolte reveals horrific childhood memories to his suicidal sister's psychiatrist in this 1991 film
  • At the end of this Pat Conroy novel, Tom Wingo whispers, "Lowenstein, Lowenstein"
  • 1991:Barbra counsels a troubled man with a mysterious family secret

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