the rock


Perhaps this nickname for Alcatraz came from the composition of the island

Trivia about the rock

  • This wrestler nicknamed his daughter born in August 2001 Pebbles
  • In this 1996 film, Sean Connery played the only known escapee from Alcatraz
  • Films made about Alcatraz include "Birdman of Alcatraz", "Escape from Alcatraz" & this 1996 Sean Connery actioner
  • The 1996 Cage film about a "hard place"
  • He said he prepped for sad "Scorpion King" scenes by thinking of the time he found Dunkin' Donuts closed
  • In his wrestling days, beefy actor Dwayne Johnson went by this name
  • (Hi, I'm Vanessa Marcil) In a "break out" role for me, I played Nicolas Cage's girlfriend in this 1996 film
  • At the 2000 Republican Convention, this wrestler's role was to introduce House Speaker Dennis Hastert
  • Wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson
  • 1996:Sean shows an elite team of SEALs how to break into Alcatraz to stop a madman
  • This "boulder" sized wrestler & movie star was a star football player at Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pa.