thomas more


This Lord Chancellor of England was canonized in 1935, 400 years after his execution

Trivia about thomas more

  • In 1516 he coined the term "utopia" from the Greek words for "not" & "place"
  • He coined the term "utopia" now meaning "an ideal place" & used it for the title of a 1516 satire
  • This saint is the subject of the play & movie "A Man For All Seasons"
  • At his July 6, 1535 beheading at the Tower, he said, "The King's good servant, but God's first"
  • This humanist was my Chancellor from 1529 to 1532; I had him arrested for treason & dropped the axe on him
  • He opposed Henry VIII's divorce, but Henry appointed him anyway to succeed Cardinal Wolsey as Lord Chancellor
  • Paul Scofield was nominated for best actor (& won) for playing him in "A Man for All Seasons"