In Japan, a type of this curd normally made with soy beans is made with kudzu

Trivia about tofu

  • Tonyu is the liquid left over when this bland substance is made from soybeans
  • Of yogurt, liver or tofu, the food Americans hate most according to "Harper's Index"
  • Whether firm, soft or silken, this soy product is an excellent source of protein
  • The name of this foodstuff comes from the Chinese "dou" for beans & "fu" for rotten
  • 1/2 cup of this Japanese soy bean curd contains 258mg of calcium & not much taste
  • AKA bean curd, this may be sealed aseptically in packaging that may be kept unopened at room temp for up to 8 months
  • It's the 4-letter term for soybean curd that can be used to make cheesecake & even hot dogs
  • Boring? You think this bean curd is boring? Try my Szechuan spiced version & you'll change your tune!
  • Before you have your sushi, try some miso soup, which usually has green onions & cubes of this in it
  • This protein rich food is coagulated from an extract of soybeans & used in salads & cooked foods
  • This bean curd product is sometimes substituted for sour cream in dips
  • This fermented legume product is the most versatile & important vegetarian ingredient in Chinese cuisine
  • A popular health food, this soybean curd is used to make a variety of dishes & an ice cream substitute
  • In August 2002 Los Angeles celebrated the seventh annual festival of this, another name for soybean curd
  • Bored with beef jerky? Try the jerky made from this soybean curd