A toilet is a plumbing fixture an disposal system primarily intended for the disposal of the bodily wastes: urine and fecal matter. The word "toilet" can be used to refer to the fixture itself or to the room containing the fixture, especially in British English. There are two basic types of toilets: the dry toilet, and the wet toilet - the latter being the most commonly known and producer of blackwater. The dry toilet needs no plumbing for water input or evacuation, but is often coupled with some ventilation system.

Trivia about toilet

  • John Harrington was flush with success in the 1590s with his invention of one of these that flushed
  • The flapper, lift arm & ballcock assembly of this very necessary fixture are all fine--why won't it work?!
  • A parking stall should be 9' X 19' & a stall for this should be at least 30" wide with a 24" clearance in front

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