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Trivia about tom jones

  • When he got his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, this Welshman tossed garters to his fans
  • Welshman heard here:(Thunderball)
  • Throw your panties at me if you know the name of this Welsh singer born Thomas Woodward
  • It's not unusual that this hipster had his first hit with "It's Not Unusual" in 1965
  • Welsh singer Thomas John Woodward became this after his boss compared him to a Henry Fielding character
  • A top seller in 1749, we've been "Fielding" responses on this book since our first season
  • "It's Not Unusual" for women to throw their underwear at this singer; he said the first time was at the Copa in '68
  • At the end of this Henry Fielding novel, the title character marries Squire Western's daughter Sophia
  • Henry Fielding called a 1749 novel "The History of" him, "a Foundling"
  • "T.J."by Henry Fielding
  • Book 9, chapter 5 of this Fielding novel became a famous erotic eating scene in the movie
  • The full title of a Henry Fielding novel is "The History of" him, "a Foundling"
  • Before "It's Not Unusual" became a major hit, he performed under the name "Tiger Tom"
  • "It's Not Unusual" to just "Help Yourself" to this 1749 Henry Fielding classic
  • Lynn Redgrave debuted in this bawdy Albert Finney romp that won the 1963 Best Picture Oscar
  • Squire Allworthy turns out to be this lusty young hero's uncle in a 1749 comic novel by Henry Fielding
  • 1963:"'It's Not Unusual' Singer"
  • "She's A Lady"(1971)
  • In 1991 this sexy Welshman sang "Fool for Rock 'n' Roll" on his "Carrying a Torch" albun
  • This title foundling's foster father, Squire Allworthy, is later revealed to be his uncle
  • This foundling marries Sophia Western at the end of a 1749 Henry Fielding novel